Ways to Work Out Without Leaving the House

April 16, 2020 | News
Ways to Work Out Without Leaving the House

You don’t need a full gym in order to get a good workout. With a little bit of creativity (and a good internet connection), you can get a good exercise session in at home. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  1. Find a virtual buddy. Do you usually meet a friend at the gym or a park to work out? There’s no reason you can’t continue to do that from the comfort of your own home, but the meeting might look a little different. Use FaceTime, Google, or Skype to connect with a workout buddy and complete a fitness routine together.
  2. Head to the fitness studio online. Since more people are home right now than usual, your local gym or yoga studio might be streaming classes online! Some of them are even doing it for free. Check out your local workout spots to see if any of them are offering virtual options since they need your patronage more than ever. If they aren’t, you can always rely on apps like  Beachbody On Demand and FitOn app, which both offer large libraries of workout videos (side note: FitOn is free!).
  3. Scour YouTube. Can’t find what you like in a local studio’s library? Then hit up YouTube. Its massive collection of fitness videos is bound to have something that suits your needs and your preferences, whether you like to do high-intensity interval training with hand weights or Pilates with nothing more than a mat.
  4. Get a headstart on spring cleaning. If functional fitness is more your jam, here’s an easy way to get in a new workout groove: Pick up a broom. Sweep, dust, and mop your way to a leaner physique. You might be surprised by how many muscle groups you work if you do your spring cleaning at a quick clip!